Thermo Plastic Hoses

We have Thermo Plastic Hoses for :

  • Pneumatic Tool Hose
  • Super Spray Hose
  • Welding Hose
  • Super Rock Drill Hose
  • Car Washing Hose, and
  • Heavy Duty Air/Water Hose

Typical Applications for these hoses are :

  1. High Pressure Hydraulic
  2. High Pressure Gas and Liquid Transfers
  3. Chemical Industries
  4. Rescue Tools
  5. Measuring and Control Techniques
  6. Surface Treatments (Paint spray Application)
  7. Gen. Working Hydraulics
  8. Lubrication Techniques
  9. Mining Applications
  10. Offshore Applications
  11. Tube Cleaning Operations
  12. General Engineering
  13. Hose Bundles / Umbilical
  14. Air-conditioning
  15. High Pressure Cleaning

We are paying special attention and using new and better techniques in the manufacturing of our products due to which our products have few advantages over other products. Few of them are mentioned below :

  • The concept of reinforced thermoplastic construction offers outstanding performance.
  • The special characteristics of Industrial Thermo Plastics are used to achieve low weight, ease of handling, compactness chemical and abrasion resistance, long continuous lengths, colour etc.

Other Features :

  • All hoses are available as Twin and Triple line hose configurations.
  • Hose Assemblies with permanently fitted end fittings are available.
  • Specific cover colors on request for bulk quantity order.
  • Pin picked cover available for gas applications.