Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses

Stainless Steel Corrugated HosesThe Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses are available in stainless steel grades (AISI) 321, 316, 316L, & 304 by forming consolution so that it may conveniently bend while remaining liquid and gas tight. The hoses of specific length as per requirement can be manufactured with the end fittings in Flanged/Threaded types.The Flexible Hose are available in braidings of Stainless Steel wire to take care of external damage and to increase pressure ratings.

Construction Corrugated metal Hose made with close pitch angular corrugation from butt-welded tube can be reinforced by one or two metalic wire braids (SS 304 & SS 316)

Temprature Range

269 C to 800 C Nominal Bores 6 mm. to 300 mm.


PSS Hoses are used where ever other Conventional Rubber or PTFE Flexible Hose can not be used, eg. High Temprature Hydraulic Oils, Steam, Chemicals, corrosive liquids, gases, compressed Air & Pneumatic liner, cryogenic application, food & beverage, Nuclear plants. Chemical corrosive liquids, fluids associated with high temprature and of high pressure in paper plants. Tyre moulds, Air conditioning plants, Textile Machinery Steam-Conveying Lines, Power Houses, Oil Refineries and Toxic applicaton etc..


End fittings are made of Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Copper / Brass. Fittings are manufactured to DIN/IS/SAE/BS/ANSI Standards and to customers requirement like Females, Floating/Fixed Flanges etc.,

The hose Assemblies are TIG Welded or Silver Brazed.