Industrial Hoses

Hand built Hoses

2" ID to 12" ID max. length 15mt. for High Pressure application, the End Fitting / Flange can be fitted at the time of the Hose Moulding.

Oil and Solvent Resistant Hoses

2" ID to 12" ID for Conveing Lubricates, Transformer Oil, Vegetable Oil, Solvent and Low Aromatic Content Products, High Speed Diesel and other Petroleum Products.

Water Suction Hose

1" ID to 12" ID for Light & Heavy Duty Water Suction and discharge service, for irrigation, Dams, Excavations, Mines, Handling Waste Water and Mud etc.,

Water Deliver Hose

3/8" ID to 2" ID for water delivery purpose for Garden, Mines, Dams, Irrigation, Horticulture etc.,

Air Pneumatic Hoses

3/16" ID to 2" ID for Air and Pneumatic Tools, Compressors, Grinding and Other Industrial Applications.

Welding Hose

3/16" ID to 1/2" ID for Welding Application in Black, Blue & Red colour, for Oxygen & Acetylene and other non combustible Gases. Designed for Working Pressure of 12.5 KG/Cm² with Outer Cover Plain or Fluted with EPDM blended Rubber Compound.

Blasting Hose

1/2" ID to 4" ID with extra thick high abrasion resistance inner lining, finds its use in conveying wet & dry sand, shots and other abrasive material, used in Fabrication Units, Steel Plants Foundry etc.